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Kyrgyzstan could not join the Ottawa Convention banning anti-personnel mines

The Delegation of the MFA of the Kyrgyz Republic is participating in the Installation Committee of the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-personnel mines.

Our diplomats have expressed interest in Kyrgyzstan to restrict or completely banning the use of the mine fire. However, a number of reasons, the republic is not a party to the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction.

Head of the Delegation of Kyrgyzstan said that at the moment, the accession to this convention is not acceptable to the defense and financial standpoint. In his speech, he reminded: more than 80% of the Kyrgyz Republic border pass through mountains and harsh terrain, situated at an altitude of 3000-4000 meters.

This fact complicates the use of border outposts, and the use of antipersonnel mines is seen as cheap and affordable means of protecting the state border. Acquisition of alternative means to control the border is difficult because of economic problems.

As long as this situation persists, the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Ottawa Convention is not possible, because the State does not wish to impose on themselves obviously unrealistic commitments.
IA <>, Azamat TYNAEV
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