Center for Non-proliferation and Export Control


"Export control of biological materials in the Kyrgyz Republic"
An International workshop
18-19 March 2009
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
With the assistance of the Center for Non-proliferation and Export Control, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic together with Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Canada at support of the International Scientific and Technical Center organized the International workshop on a theme «Export control of Biological materials in the Kyrgyz Republic».
The main purpose of the seminar is to strengthen national export control systems, with particular emphasis on the implementation of biological control over groups of goods. In addition to representatives of state bodies and organizations of the Republic, participated in the seminar officials and experts from Central Asia, Canada, the United States, Britain and Russia, are willing to assist and share experiences in the implementation of key provisions of the Biological Weapons Convention and to facilitate the implementation of international trade in controlled goods.
As pointed out in his speech, Deputy Minister S. Mukanbetov, export controls is an important element in preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in compliance with international obligations of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, Chemical Weapons Convention, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and other international treaties and agreements in international security.
In other words «Export control» - a conventional term meaning «International Trade Rules» certain sensitive products.
Compliance with these rules, regulations, is an important task of any state. Kyrgyzstan, with a policy of economic openness to trade, must comply with these rules, thereby facilitating an enabling environment civilized trade of dual-use.
According to speech of Taalaibek Bektashev, Head of Department of a Customs Policy and Non-tariff Regulations of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic, International cooperation on strengthening of the given sphere of safety in the Republic develops actively. Kyrgyzstan actively co-operates with the International agency on nuclear Energy, with the Organization on prohibition of chemical weapons. Over the last years USA within the bounds of inter-agency program on “Export control and a cross-border security” active helps in sphere of strengthening of national system export control.
Currently within the bounds of the Global Partnership Program under the agreement with the Canadian Government is realized the construction project of Biological laboratory of 3rd class in the Republic with a view of reduction of threats of proliferation of Mass Destruction Weapons. (The sum of the project is about 40 million dollars).
In end of his speech Deputy Minister Mukanbetov S. has expressed appreciation to the Government Canada for the invaluable contribution and realization of the given Mega-project. From its side Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic responsible, not only for questions of export control, but also for questions of attraction of the help, investments and grants.
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